Hydrogaïa 2015 trade show

par | 30 Avr 2015

Hydrogaïa trade show 2015

International water exhibition

Corrodys will be present at the 5th edition of the Hydrogaïa trade show (stand B 600) which will take place in the exhibition center of Montpellier from 27 to 28 May 2015.

Hydrogaia Water for economic development

Hydrogaïa gathers all the activities of the water sector, ranging from catchment and storage to waste water treatment and distribution, including work construction, pipe installation, rainwater harvesting and many more …

Hydrogaia salon international de l'eauA great opportunity for visitors as well as exhibitors to meet directors, elected officials, public technical services directors, engineers, technicians, researchers and academics, project owners and ordering parties of the field.

Conferences are scheduled during the 2 days of the trade show, with a leading theme: Water economic development for the City of Tomorrow .

The presentations will cover the questions of the optimization and rationalization of ways to use water, solutions to satisfy water and sanitation needs, risk prevention

Services that address water business needs

Among the 150 registered exhibitors, Corrodys will present its laboratory and its services adapted for the water sector.

Corrosiveness analysis of water

  • Evaluation of water treatment products efficiency,
  • Identification of the corrosion’s damages causes (expert assessments),
  • Analysis of water corrosiveness : physico-chemical (ph, conductivity, chloride …) and microbiological ; Sludge and deposit analysis; Metallographic analysis.
  • Consultancy at any life time of facilities, during design, after a diagnosis or an expert assessment (choice of material, their assembly and their protective system, risk evaluation).


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